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The Grand Teton Relay™ is a 12 or 6 person running relay covering 180 miles of beautiful and challenging terrain beginning in Ashton, ID and traveling through Island Park, Grand Targhee, and finishing in Jackson Hole, WY. Running in the shadows of the Tetons with your best friends is the ultimate road trip!

Henry David Thoreau observed that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. This day, night, day adventure through one of the best kept secrets of the west could be the exact opposite of quiet desperation-boisterous contentment? It’s hard to imagine a setting that is further away from the “office”.

So leave the kids with grandma, strap on your runners and pack your party wagon! What happens in the Tetons stays in the Tetons (until it shows up on youtube).
Grand Adventure
Let’s face it-you need adventure to look forward to and this course will deliver. Barring alzheimers, you will never forget your relay through the Tetons.

Connect with Friends
Nothing says friendship like 24 hours in a cramped, stinky, wild party wagon. You will connect with your friends in ways you never could at home. Just think of the stories you will tell!

The Tetons
The views you will see are unmatched. The Tetons will follow your team across rolling farm hills, steep mountain roads, and fast running trails. Imagine the stars shining over the Grand, lighting your way. It might make you cry (If you are into that sort of thing).
Register your team
Registration is limited and must include fun people who can party through the night! Register now to reserve your spot.

Grand Teton Relay™ is perfect for every level of athlete. This course has hills for the seasoned running veterans and flats for the rookies. Prepare now, smile later.

Finding friends to join you on this adventure will be easy. Send an email. Post a request on Facebook. If you invite them, they will come!

Check out the course map and download the 2016 Course Guide, choose your legs and get all the race specifics at
Operating under permit by the
Caribou-Targhee and Bridger-Teton National Forests. Grand Teton Relay™ is an equal opportunity provider.
The Grand Tetons are the highlight of the relay. Travelers come from around the globe to see it's peaks. Check out more about the course.
Grand Teton Relay™ is proud to team up with The Idaho Foodbank and donate a portion of the proceeds to their cause. Grand Teton Relay™ will also be working to raise cash and food donations.
Relay running is becoming more popular. While you could run any other relay, you will find the Grand Teton Relay™ offers terrain and views that cannot be duplicated. Note: The Grand Teton Relay™ is not affiliated with the Epic Cache-Teton Relay.